Candidates speak in Ontonagon

Around 140 people attended this past Saturday’s Ontonagon town hall meeting, featuring three Republican candidates for Michigan governor. The forum included Lt. ...

Tech prof explains economy crashes

HOUGHTON — “What really happened here was a crisis that was driven by credit, it was a crisis that was driven by an easy and cheap ...

Hotshot drivers should slow down

To the editor: Maybe it is just me getting grumpier as I age, but it sure seems like drivers on the roads are more and more losing their sense of social ...

Cabin Fever Music Fundraiser

A love that never fails, is eternal

UP 200 sled dog race set this weekend

Body Armor Up: Not too late to get flu shot

Little nationalist outrage at Russia

I’m confused. These days, “nationalism” is all the rage on the right. I put it in quotes because there are a lot of different ideas of what nationalism ...

Printing names of mass shooters amplifies horror

Election Invasion of Russian Bots

Dana (Dibba) A. Lebo

MOHAWK — Dana (Dibba) A. Lebo, born June 9, 1950, passed away after a long illness on February 16, 2018. He is survived by his children, grandchildren, brother, ...

Robert D. Tarvis

Wesley Earl Hoover

Do you prefer to consume electricity generated from wind and solar farms in your area or fossil-fuel plants in your area?

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