PLDL hosts workshop

The Portage Lake District Library will host the Houghton County Democratic Party on Wednesday, from 6-9 p.m. for “A Primer on Running for Local Office: Getting You ...

Calumet armory to issue ID cards

Military ID cards for retirees, disabled veterans and their dependents will be issued Oct. 12 at the Calumet Armory. The IDs are used to get ...

Experience leads to fatal mistakes

Sept. 7, 1895, started out like any other day in the Osceola mine, south of the legendary Calumet and Hecla Mining Company. While some labor ...

Liberals out to grab your guns

To the editor: Keith Ojala said it all in his Oct. 13 letter. Democrats and their brainwashed legions of sycophants, snowflakes and “gimme this, gimme that” ...

Adams school fundraiser

Need more info on lodge sale

Can diverse views survive on campus?

Conservative firebrand Ben Shapiro gave a speech this month at the University of California, Berkeley. And while that's a victory for any right-leaning speaker these ...

Community turns out to dedicate rink to Rick Comley

Deserving U.P. Labor Hall of Fame inductees

Dark Legacy of Harvey Weinstein

Here we are again, America, forced to face ourselves and wincing at our reflection. We now know, through reporting by The New York Times and The New Yorker, that ...

Trump, Pence two contrasting sides of same coin

GOP hog-tied by divided Senate

Is not standing for the National Anthem an acceptable form of protest?

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