LL hires police chief

Accepts fire chief’s resignation

LAKE LINDEN – Lake Linden has a new police chief, but will have to find a new fire chief.

The village board approved hiring Tom Rosemurgy as police chief, while accepting the resignation of Ron Williamson as fire chief.

Rosemurgy, who will be retiring from his post as detective sergeant with the Houghton County Sheriff’s Office, was one of two applicants for the post.

“They were both really good candidates, but Mr. Rosemurgy has a lot of qualifications and lots of schooling, and I think he’ll be a great fit,” President Pro Tem Allan Hoffman said.

Councilman James Aittama asked if Rosemurgy working in another law enforcement post would jeopardize his pension. Hoffman said he believed Rosemurgy had found out it would not.

Rosemurgy’s pay rate for his 90-day probationary period has yet to be decided.

“He’s going to be a great addition for us,” said Clerk Bob Poirier.

The board also accepted with regret Williamson’s resignation. Williamson had been chief for the past 22 years. He joined the department in 1995 after having been on the Houghton Fire Department for eight years.

Poirier said Williamson had had health concerns, and had put in a considerable amount of time.

“My father-in-law, who was on for years and years, said it’s just not a game for young guys anymore,” he said.

The fire department will elect a fire chief at its February meeting, which the council will then have to approve.

“Once there’s a group that gets together, and a recommendation’s made, the council, unless there’s a valid reason, will typically approve that,” Poirier. “How the membership decides is the best way to go.”