Rothenberger pleads not guilty

HANCOCK — An Atlantic Mine man pleaded not guilty to possessing marijuana on school grounds in December during his Houghton County Circuit Court arraignment Monday.

Niles Rothenberger, 30, was arrested in December outside Houghton Elementary School. Police reported finding 3.5 grams of marijuana in the vehicle, as well as a knife and shotgun.

The school was placed on “shelter-in-place” status — a type of lockdown — during the incident.

The marjiuana charge is a two-year high court misdemeanor.

Rothenberger has a medical marijuana card and a caregiver card.

In December, Houghton County Prosecutor Michael Makinen said he did not plan to bring weapons charges against Rothenberger. There was no indication Rothenberger had planned to harm anyone with the gun, Makinen said.