Lodge Board preparing for opening next month

EAGLE RIVER — Harvey Desnick, the new coordinator of the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge, gave the Lodge Board an update on the condition of the facility and employee hiring as he prepares it to open later in May.

Staff hiring is in progress, he said, and he assured the board of the integrity of the staff.

“I expect, quite frankly, to have one of the best teams of people we’ve had in years,” Desnick said. “We’ve had a lot of people who have worked there over the past number of years that are coming on board that got ahold of me without my contacting them.”

In addition to veteran employees, Desnick said there are also people who will be new to the lodge.

“There’s nobody in that backroom kitchen that has worked there before,” he said. “I want people I can trust, and people that I know are dependable. I have told others that I want nobody arrested. I want nobody dying on my watch. I don’t want the problems that must have been there, and I think when you see this group come together, I think you’ll get it.”

After inspecting the grounds, Desnick said there was roof damage to one of the cabins, the result of a fallen tree branch. He also commented he was surprised at the amount of downed tree limbs and other debris from winter storms.

At a special meeting on April 6, the board unanimously voted to hire Desnick as the coordinator of the lodge. After much discussion, the board set Desnick’s rate of pay at $4,000 per months for two months, after which time, the board will review the agreement.

Desnick is a naturalist, photographer, graphics professional and former radio broadcaster, having owned a local radio station. He founded the Big Color Output in 1994, a large format cutting edge digital printing company in Cape Coral, Florida.