Mountain Lodge survey job gets wide range of quotes

Graham Jaehnig/Daily Mining Gazette Keweenaw County Board Chairman Don Piche, second from left, reads survey company proposals at Wednesday’s regular monthly meeting. Also pictured is Del Rajala, left of Piche, Sandy Gayk and Bob DeMarois.

EAGLE RIVER — In keeping with instructions from the US Department of Agriculture Rural Development department, the Keweenaw County Board had sought bids for the property survey of the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge.

Chairman Don Piche read the received proposals from several companies and individuals ranging more than $16,000 in amounts.

“That’s a wide range,” board member Sandra Gayk said. “I don’t see how the low bid could be that low, and the high one could be so high.”

Two of the survey bidders were present at the regular meeting. Gayk directed a question to them both:

“Were the specifications clear that we’re all bidding on the same thing? This is very unusual from my point of view — $4,300 all the way up to $20,481.”

After some discussion, the board voted to accept the bid of $12,400 from Clearwater Surveying of South Range.

The board then discussed having received bid from realtors to handle the sale of the lodge, which is subject to Rural Development’s approval.

“With a lot of consideration here,” Piche said, “we…looked at these things. I think we’ve come up with the conclusion that SVN Northco should be the one sent to Rural Development, along with the rest of them, for Rural Development’s review.”

Piche said the board had received bids from Northern Michigan Land Brokers, CVRE Hotels and one from an auction company, which Piche said was not what Rural Development wants.

“We had three actual realtors, and they all have to be sent off to Rural Development now, but (SVN Northco) is our number one pick,” he said.

Northco is a company out of Minnesota and has 200 sites handling resort sales all across the country, including Michigan and Wisconsin, Piche said.

“This is the company that mentioned they were going to sell it based on historic value, the golf course, and the lodge,” Gayk said. “They’re the only one that mentioned that.”