CCISD recognizes special education pros at reception

Graham Jaehnig/Daily Mining Gazette The 15th Annual CCISDPAC awards dinner was attended by more than 100 people Tuesday.

HANCOCK — More than 100 people attended the 15th Annual Copper Country Intermediate School District Parent Advisory Committee for Special Education Dinner Awards Reception, which took place on Tuesday.

The yearly event, which takes place at the CCISD building on Hecla Street in Hancock, recognizes people who have made outstanding contributions or achievements in special education during the school year, according to Cindy Figures, PAC chairwoman.

The General Education Teacher Award was given to two recipients this year: Michelle Gilllis of the Houghton Elementary School, and Kathi Warner of the Philip La Tendress Elementary School.

The Special Education Teacher Award was also given to two recipients for the 2016-2017 school year: Andrea Rassio of the Dollar Bay-Tamarack City Area Schools and Sally VanKleek of Chassell Township Schools.

An awards was also given for Administrator of the Year, who this year is Kipp Beaudoin of Hancock Middle School/High School.

Categories also included awards for outstanding Ancillary Staff, Support Staff, and new this year is the Dynamic Duo Award, which was the result of a nomination for two teachers in the Calumet-Laurium-Keweenaw Elementary School: Brooke Peterson, a general education teacher, and Laurie Rule, a special education teacher.

“The person nominated them in each category,” Figures said, “but because they work together, we looked at that, and we said, ‘They need to get the award together,’ so that’s the Dynamic Duo.”

Keith Atkinson, guardian of Houghton High School student; Kathy Flagstadt, counselor of Michigan Rehabilitation Services; and Hans Stimac, Hancock High School student, all received the Make a Difference Award.

Student Salutes were awarded to Anna Bradish, Houghton High School special education teacher; Sarah Dadelet, Horizons High School special education teacher; Kathy Richards, instructional aide at Houghton High School; Jim Schultz, substitute teacher of the Professional Education Service Group; and Erica Theisen, special education teacher at Barkell Elementary School of Hancock.