Lake Linden Village Board plans to add more camping sites

Garrett Neese/Daily Mining Gazette Lake Linden Clerk Bob Poirier discusses the potential site of two new seasonal camping spots at the village campground during Thursday’s meeting of the Lake Linden Village Board.

LAKE LINDEN — Lake Linden’s campground could add two seasonal slots for summerlong camping.

Clerk Bob Poirier said the spots could go on the rustic site road behind the shower/restroom building. Electric service for the shower/restroom building comes over the hill from the back side, he said.

“You have a beautiful view,” he said. “It’s over the top of the shower building so that wouldn’t be an issue.”

There is a water spigot on the top that allows rustic campers to get water, Poirier said. It is close to the water line, while electric can also be run to the site relatively easily, he said.

The site would have to be leveled and a driveway for campsites would have to be created, Poirier said.

There are already seasonal campers at the campground, Poirier said, who move three or four times during the summer based on availability.

If charged at the regular rate, a seasonal camper would pay about $2,500 for 3 1/2 months, Poirier said.

“We’ve camped at several campgrounds now, and that’s becoming more of a thing, is the seasonal campsite,” he said.

Gravity sewer could be run to the shower/restroom, requiring about 120 feet straight downhill for sewage.

Poirier said the campground is already permitted for additional sites.

Poirier also addressed a petition from campers saying people who stay at the campground during the Fourth of July should get first dibs on spots for next year. The village now has signups after the new year.

Poirier discussed setting aside 20 sites for returning campers, with the rest at-large.