Lessons Learned: Doing what works boosts bottom line of Mountain Lodge

Daily Mining Gazette file photo The Keweenaw Mountain Lodge has enjoyed a more profitable season than it has in many years, according to Harvey Desnick, KML coordinator.

EAGLE RIVER — The financial returns of the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge show the month of July were very successful, according to Harvey Desnick, KML coordinator.

“The month has had its challenges, which seems to come with the territory,” Desnick said, “but we dealt with the glitches and came out better for it.”

Lodgings were up for July over last July, Desnick said, with August’s lodging reservations already ahead of last year’s numbers.

“When we look at projections through the end of the season,” Desnick told the board at the regular monthly meeting Wednesday, “I’m optimistic that we will beat August numbers, obviously in lodging, banquet food and beverage and substantial improvement in net income.”

There was very little revenue generated from events during August 2016, Desnick said, but he added, “We have had a pretty decent August so far in terms of events.”

In addition to the increase in lodging this past July, Desnick said he expects to see the same for August, which he bases on current reservations and reports.

“We are already ahead of last year’s August lodging number,” he told the board, “adding the actual business to date, and the bookings reserved for the remainder of August.”

One of the areas in which the lodge did not show a profit for July was the bar and grill, which broke even. Examining the menu and related items, Desnick said changes to the menu have been implemented, which resulted in an impressive increase in revenue from the bar and grill, which is evident in August’s numbers.

“It has been a learning experience as we have moved along through the season” he said, “and we keep making improvements in our margins and efficiencies in our operations and customer needs, and balance that with staffing and expense.”