Adoba president attracted by area as it is currently

EAGLE RIVER – James Henderson, CEO and founder of Adoba Hotels, said there are many attractions in Keweenaw County that make the area great.

The extensive mountain bike trails were just one attraction he found worthwhile. What has been done in the county to create and advertise the trails impressed Henderson.

“I started looking at all that, and the area, and county and whoever’s done that, it isn’t a far reach now that this is becoming a mountain biking destination, one of the best in the world.”

Henderson, who is a native of Denver, Colorado, ran a hotel in Dearborn, and fell in love with Michigan, he said.

Henderson also mentioned comparisons in weather among travel destinations, mentioning the hurricanes that hit Texas and Florida.

“This kind of migration of weather damage is going to bring people here,” he said. “The winters are getting a little easier. This is becoming a four-season place. This isn’t just winter and a brief summer anymore. It’s happening, and in Michigan, and in my mind, the Upper Peninsula is going to get more and more popular.”

There are people who look at growth and feel they don’t want a region to grow, saying,

“We don’t want to grow, we don’t want this type of stuff coming to our community and plugging it up,” Henderson said, and he agrees with wanting to keep thins pristine.

“I just feel like this is a good spot to live,” Henderson said of Keweenaw County, “and I think that this hotel and resort is amazing, and it will be for many, many decades to come. With the right capital infusion annually, I think it will happen.”