Food Policy for LL-H Students: Board considers policy for providing meals for delinquent residents

Garrett Neese/Daily Mining Gazette Lake Linden-Hubbell Public Schools Board Trustee Lori Ambuehl talks during Monday’s meeting as Trustee Curtis Audette looks on.

LAKE LINDEN — Lake Linden-Hubbell Schools Board formalized its policy for students and adults delinquent on meal payments Monday in response to a deficit in the meals fund.

Students who have a negative balance of more than $10 will be able to charge an additional five meals. Adult non-student balances will have to stay above zero.

Before, “we didn’t have a dollar amount. We just waited until it got to a decent amount,” Superintendent Craig Sundblad said. “It’s just setting a specific amount for it.”

Sundblad estimated the district was owed about $1,000 for meals.

Board member Lori Ambuehl asked if there were allowances that could be made for children, such as getting a sandwich instead of the regular meal. She suggested adding an option for parents to pay online.

“How do you tell a young child, if they’re not the person responsible for paying, that you can’t eat?” she said.

Other board members said the school would have to provide a meal that met the state’s nutritional guidelines.

Business Manager Jeff Klein said parents will be sent emails when a student’s account is nearing a negative balance.