Former local radio announcer rides out Harvey


Former Ontonagon Village Council member Bruce Stratton moved to Corpus Christi over 10 years ago. Better known as “Dr. Bruce,” the morning announcer on WUPY, he recently endured Hurricane Harvey.

“We rode the storm out at home. Sandy (his wife) and I had two days without power. Our home had very little damage,” Stratton told the Daily Mining Gazette. “The storm was headed this way but then shifted east to Houston for the brunt.”

Stratton, who is going through chemotherapy for throat cancer, stated how thankful he and the residents throughout Corpus Christi and Houston was with all the volunteers that came to help.

“The volunteers have gone above and beyond to aid victims of Harvey, I’ve never seen such co-operation,” stated Stratton.

The eye of Harvey hit a few miles northeast of Corpus Christi. Winds were estimated at 135 mph, but it was the rain that contributed to the millions of dollars in damage.

“We were concerned about the flooding,” he said. “The initial forecast was for 15 inches of rain.”

Stratton, who also worked for a radio station in Houston early on in his broadcasting career, has many friends in Houston.

“I have several friends in Houston who totally lost their homes and had to flee. Houston received 50 inches of rain in some parts.”

Stratton said there was nowhere for the water to drain in Houston.

When asked how Harvey compares to the snow blizzards he went through while living in Ontonagon, Bruce said it was a completely different experience.

“No way to compare with blizzards in Ontonagon,” he said. “In Ontonagon you can dig out, water storm victims can’t.”

He was asked how his friends and the residents of Ontonagon can help the victims of Harvey.

“As far as help from the U.P., donations to the Red Cross is appreciated,” he said. “Please have it earmarked in the memo section for Houston Flood Aid.”