Local racers win in Eagle River finale

Photo provided by Heather Kangas Bruce Crossing resident Logan Lannet won the Mechanics Race Feature at the Stock Car season finale Friday at the Eagle River (Wisconsin) Speedway.

EAGLE RIVER, Wisconsin — Bruce Crossing’s Jordan Kurtti continued to thrill the fans at whatever race track he is racing at.

On Friday, Kurtti capped off the racing season at the legendary Eagle River Speedway by winning the Street Stock Feature.

Kurtti ran different grooves from a start in the middle of the pack to go on to win the Street Stock Feature. Making his return to the track that his grandfather built, Ryan Glembin in an International Motor Contest Association-sanctioned car, won the Street Stock heat race.

“We’re looking at racing three different cars next year,” said Al Kurtti, Jordan’s father. “The streeter — the Super Stock that we run at a different class — and we’re going to build a Midwest Mod.”

It was a good night for southern Ontonagon County racers, with former Ewen resident, David Blackberg winning the Pure Stock Heat, taking second in the Feature and then running his Pure Stock car in the Speedway Truck class.

Blackberg took a second in the Speedway Truck class. Blackberg ran the car of Mike Heikkila of Iron River in both the Pure Stock class and the Truck class.

The Lannetts of the Bruce Crossing area came in full force. Logan took first in the Mechanics race. Marlene took a second in the Powder Puff Race to Blackberg’s crew chief and girlfriend, Holly Belland.

Toivola’s Jesse and Kelly Raffaelli ran in the Midwest Modified class. Kelly took an impressive fourth in the Midwest Modified Feature.

In a scene reminiscent of “Animal House,” that came to life Friday Night for the final race of the 2017 season, the Gauntlet race featured an old station wagon topped with a “tank turret,” fending off five cars in a race around the track.

In the end, the Gauntlet race was determined to be a “draw.”

Eagle River Speedway Flagman, Lou Deditz, and the 2016 Bobbi-0 Spirit Award winner and racer Ken Valeria piloted the so-called “Death Car.” That was the vehicle that sought to make it the entire five laps before the “Fab 5” disabled the vehicle.

“While the Death Car ended up running on rims, it did make it to the end. However, one of the chase cars did end up in front…thus it was a draw,” reported Kevin Dawson, Eagle River Speedway track promoter.

Eagle River Speedway Sept 8th, 2017 Results

Midwest Modified Feature: 1) Jerry Grasse, Phelps; 2) Steve Altman, Mercer; 3) Louis Malluege, Merrill; 4) Kelly Raffaelli, Toivola, (MI); 5) Ty Springer, Eagle River; 6) Jonathon Miller, Eagle River; 7) Jesse Raffaelli, Toivola.

Midwest Modified Heat: 1) Altman; 2) Grasse; 3) Malluege; 4) Springer; 5) Miller; 6) Jesse Raffaelli; 7) Kelly Raffaelli

Street Stock Feature: 1) Jordan Kurtti, Bruce Crossing; 2) Dustin White, Conover; 3) Ken Valeria, Eagle River; 4) Ryan Valeria, Eagle River; 5) Rob Rodziczak, Rhinelander; 6) Brandon Knoblock, Wausau; 7) Ian Wainio, Princeton; 8) Dean Uttecht, Birnamwood; 9) Ryan Glembin, Eagle River.

Street Stock: 1) Glembin; 2) Ryan Valeria; 3) Ken Valeria; 4) Wainio; 5) White

Pure Stock Feature: 1) Jason Eisel, Rhinelander; 2) David Blackberg, Ewen; 3) Ken Valeria, Eagle River; 4) Isabelle Valeria, Eagle River; 5) Bryce Wick, Eagle River; 6) Steve Melton, Rhinelander; 7) Ryan Brown, Eagle River; 8) Tristan Valeria, Eagle River.

Pure Stock Heat 1: 1) Blackberg; 2) Isabelle Valeria; 3) Steve Melton; 4) Tristan Valeria

Pure Stock Heat 2: 1) Eisel; 2) Ken Valeria; 3) Wick; 4) Brown

Speedway Truck Feature: 1) Dustin Koga, Land O Lakes; 2) David Blackberg Ewen; 3) Josh Drivas Hazelhurst; 4) Ethan Holm, Crandon; 5) Cory Allen, Woodboro.

Speedway Trucks: 1) Holm; 2) Dustin Koga; 3) Blackberg; 4) Drivas; 5) Allen

Junior Sprint Feature: 1) Dustin Kangas, Phelps; 2) Josh Nevaroski, Minocqua; 3) Peyton Towne, Boulder Junction.

Junior Sprints Heat: 1) Kangas; 2) Nevoraski; 3) Towne

Mechanics Race 1: 1) Steve Melton, Rhinelander.

Mechanics Race 2: 1) Logan Lannett, Bruce Crossing.

Powder-Puff Feature: 1) Holly Belland, Eagle River; 2) Marlene Lannett, Bruce Crossing.