New Vision: Bidder lodge plan is to change resort’s nature

EAGLE RIVER — Anthony Lane Partners (ALP) of Dallas, which has expressed an interest in purchasing the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge from Keweenaw County, has a vision that would change the nature of the resort into an institute.

Nancy Bruce, one of the APL partners, discussed her company’s intentions for the lodge should the purchase be made.

“Here I want to talk a little bit,” Bruce said, “about how KML can become more than a public venue for weddings or a round of golf, or whatnot. I know it’s a beautiful, beautiful facility, but we see something a little bit more significant in the future of KML if we have the opportunity to become involved.”

Part of ALP’s intention is to construct an alternative power grid on the property and use it to power the lodge. The next step would be to teach others how to construct the grids.

“What we’re hoping is to be able to create an institute at KML,” Bruce said, “that will dedicate itself to such initiatives, and that’s a really important pillar for what we have in mind for the property.”

The purpose of the institute, she said, is to identify issues of significant concern and impact, and gather together the people who can design mechanisms for change.

“They will come together at KML’s conference center, and what we have in mind is thought leaders, innovators, influencers, academics, professionals, everybody we can gather together,” Bruce told the board. “At those conferences and retreats, we hope to inspire an enable change makers, and then send them out into the world to create positive change.”

Bruce told the board that at this point, ALP is uncertain that the lodge would continue to operate as a tourist-based resort as it has in the past, but it will not diminish in significance.

“In our estimation, there is no more important legacy, no greater public good,” Bruce said, “than inspiring and nurturing those who follow behind us to good in the world. We think that the property just has tremendous potential, and that we’re uniquely suited to bring new life and energy to the property and help it accomplish some really great things in the future, and to help establish an ongoing legacy that will survive on and on.”