Prospective lodge buyer plans some renovation

Keweenaw Convention and Visitor’s Bureau James Henderson, Adoba president, said if his corporation purchases the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge, a little updating will be done to the cabins.

While there are now several parties looking seriously at the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge, James Henderson, president and founder of Adoba Hotels, recently discussed with the Keweenaw County Board the changes he will make if he obtains the property.

“I want to keep it the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge,” Henderson said, “and attach our technology.”

Henderson said his company is “developing its own robust brand and keeping its own technology costs down and adding a reservation system that will open the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge up to the world.”

“Along with the brand, like Adoba, we devised a whole robust technology platform, so we have our own booking platform, our own reservation system. If you were to google ‘Adoba Naubinway’ right now, you’d see what I mean by that.”

He said that incorporating the company’s reservation technology to the lodge’s operating system will greatly increase business at the lodge.

Henderson said he knows the wedding markets, as well as the corporate group retreats and how to attract them.

“I know the kind of money you have to spend to go out there and attract that sort of business,” Henderson said, “and I know I can make that meeting room do what it’s supposed to do.”

Although he did not elaborate, Henderson said his plans call for “dressing up” the lobby, restaurant and banquet space, while dressing up the cabins with new window casings and furniture.

His plans call for a complete renovation of the hotel, he said.

Henderson said the shell of the property is beautiful and needs nothing done to enhance it, and that in adding another nine holes to the golf course, he plans to make it a golf destination.