Adams chooses new bus company

Graham Jaehnig/Daily Mining Gazette Tim Keteri, Adams Township School District superintendent, right, discusses entering into a transportation contract with Lamers Bus Lines.

PAINESDALE — The Adams Township School Board voted unanimously to switch busing companies after a number of issues concerning the current company, R&A Transport, were discussed between Tim Keteri, Adams Township Schools superintendent, and the School Board.

“Earlier in the year, I did express my concern with transportation and how it was progressing,” Keteri said, “and one of those concerns was making sure that some bills were paid, and making sure we had buses. I made corrections, and deductions, before we could move forward.”

Keteri said the district experienced a bit of frustration at the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year in regard to transportation routes, the size of the buses being used.

As a result of dissatisfaction with the busing company, Keteri discussed a possible contract with Lamers Bus Lines, which already has transportation contracts with several other school districts in the area.

Keteri said he received a report along with a proposal from Lamers representative John Evenston, and he was pleased with it.

“The report is very detailed, I feel very comfortable with it financially,” Keteri said.

He has also talked with other schools in the area, and they are satisfied with the service provided by Lamers.

“Just talking with other area schools,” Keteri said, “there is a sense of ease and the company that John represents is well-known and well-established, and they do a wonderful job. So with that being said, … I feel very comfortable moving forward. The contract and the pricing is very competitive, if not better, and I think that this will be very beneficial.”

Keteri added that in addition to possibly saving money by entering a contract with Lamers, he believes there is a further possibility in saving the school district more money if it purchased its own bus fuel.

The contract calls for services to begin on Nov. 27 However, if the current contract is terminated, or RNA does not fulfill its remaining contract in any way for any reason before that date, Lamers can step in earlier than the contract date begins.