Lake Linden Council approves pay raises for itself, officials

Garrett Neese/Daily Mining Gazette Lake Linden Clerk Bob Poirier, at left, talks during Thursday’s Village Council meeting. The council approved pay raises for itself, Poirier and the Fire Department.

LAKE LINDEN — The Lake Linden Village Council approved raises for Village Council members, clerk and Fire Department at its meeting Thursday.

Council members will receive $70 per regular meeting; the president will receive $150. Both will receive $30 for special meetings. Council members had been making $50 per meeting, aside from the president, who has received $125.

The rates had gone unchanged since at least 2000, said Councilman James Aittama.

“A few years back, when were were in a financial bind, we didn’t get paid at all,” he said.

Clerk Bob Poirier also received a 1.5 percent raise, in line with recently approved union wages. He said he has typically received a raise every five years. That is in addition to an annual 50-cent raise

“It’s historically gone in conjunction with the union contract, and that includes a 50-cent seniority bonus,” Poirier said.

Fire Department pay was raised to $150 a quarter for the chief, $75 a quarter for other members and a $125-per-quarter stipend for the secretary. The stipend will be based on 50 percent attendance of Fire Department activities, as approved by the chief and another officer.

“When you’re there, you put your name, you sign it,” he said.

Fire Department members have gotten $57.21 every three months. The exceptions are the chief, who received $87.21, and the secretary, who has received a $100 stipend from the Fire Department annually.

The additional cost would be about $1,200 per year for the village, said Councilman Jason Reese.

Fire Chief Andrew Miller has also been performing the secretary job, which other members don’t want, he said. Miller said he would not take the additional secretary stipend.

“That’s just the way I am,” he said.