DMG welcomes another new reporter to team

Kali Katerberg/Daily Mining Gazette Katrice Perkins joins the Gazette writing staff, pursuing her long-held dream of being a writer.

HOUGHTON — The Daily Mining Gazette welcomed Chicago native Katrice Perkins to the team this month.

“I wanted the opportunity to write, that’s all I want to do, I want to write for a newspaper,” Perkins said.

Since she was young, Perkins had always dreamed of writing.

“I would come up with story ideas in my head and I’ve always wanted to write my own book and talk about my life,” she said.

While In middle school she started a newsletter to write stories on school happenings. The newsletter covered topics like school fundraisers and what teachers were most popular among students.

“I was so young…It was just really kiddy stuff but it was cool to write about what was happening,” Perkins said.

In pursuit of that goal, Perkins attended the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and graduated this May with a degree in journalism. However there was a problem; she was having a hard time finding entry level positions in Chicago.

Job offers came, but they were for administrative assistant or receptionist roles.

“It wasn’t writing, it wasn’t what I wanted to do,” Perkins said.

Turning the offers down, she decided to expand her search, which is how she found Houghton. Perkins thought working for the Mining Gazette would be a better opportunity to grow her writing skills and experience.

In her role at the Gazette she will primarily be covering Baraga County.

Perkins is looking forward to exploring the area before it gets too cold and participating in area events.

“I want to go to a hockey game,” she said. “I’ve never been to a hockey game, so I’m excited.”