Laurium appoints Miller as attorney

Photo: Miller

LAURIUM — The Laurium Village Council recently appointed Calumet-based attorney Chuck Miller as the village’s attorney, replacing Vairo Law Offices.

Miller, a Detroit native, has been practicing law for 36 years. He is also currently the prosecuting attorney for Keweenaw County.

Miller received his undergraduate degree from Western Michigan University. He then attended Wayne State University Law School and began practicing law downstate in 1981.

In 1996, Miller moved to North Carolina, where he practiced law for 15 years. In 2011, Miller and his wife moved to Calumet, where he opened his practice on Fifth Street in Calumet.

Miller said his duties to Laurium Village are essentially those of a legal consultant.

“My duties are just to answer questions that come up from time to time,” he explained. “I wouldn’t expect to be attending the meetings or representing the village in court, if that situation were to come up.”

Miller also has a private practice in which he provides legal services to businesses and individuals throughout the western Upper Peninsula.

The council’s vote for appointing Miller was not unanimous. Loralee Miller, who is no relation to the attorney, cast the lone dissenting vote. She declined to explain her opposing vote.