Making old skills new: Salvation Army to start archery classes

Graham Jaehnig/Daily Mining Gazette The gymnasium of the Salvation Army building in Hancock will serve as an indoor archery range when Corps Administrator Leonita Schweigert begins offering archery lessons soon, something that has been on her agenda for a long time.

HANCOCK — The Salvation Army of Hancock is developing some new programs, according the Corps Administrator Leonita Schweigert, and she said she is very excited about them. One of the programs to be introduced soon is archery, which will be taught in the Salvation Army building’s gymnasium.

The archery course has been on the agenda for several months, waiting for Schweigert to complete her training, and be certified as an archery trainer. That done, the program is moving ahead.

“Our gym is already set up,” Schweigert said, “so we’re just waiting for a curtain to be hung up so we can start to sign people up.” The curtain, she said, is to catch and stop any stray arrows and prevent them from damaging the wall behind the target area.

Schweigert, who recently completed archery training, will teach the courses to be offered. The minimum age limit is generally grade six and up, she said.

“During the school year we have the school kids,” Schweigert explained, “and during the summer we’re going to have a program for adults and whoever else wants learn archery.”

In addition to archery classes, she said the Salvation Army will also teach bow hunting, adding that “I know that’s a big thing up here.”

Schwiegert said there will be a small fee, but it will be worth it.

“There will be a small deposit to hold your spot,” she said, “and throughout the year, you’ll get a tee-shirt, and we’ll have competitions between the Salvation Armies in archery, so it will include all of that.”

All of the equipment, including targets, recurve bows, and arrows, are already in the gym, she said.

“I am done and I’m a trainer,” Schweigert said. “We have all the equipment, and everything is all set up.”