New reporter joins staff at Daily Mining Gazette

David Archambeau/Daily Mining Gazette A native from under the bridge, Kali Katerberg arrived in the Upper Peninsula by way of Florida.

HOUGHTON — The Daily Mining Gazette welcomed Kali Katerberg to the staff as a reporter this month. Katerberg is a downstate Michigan native.

“I’m from Grand Rapids,” she said, “so I’m a troll.”

Growing up, Katerberg said she enjoyed writing and reading, and spending time outside, particularly visiting lakes and parks.

She chose journalism as a career choice, she said, because she doesn’t like marketing, but she wanted to be a writer.

“But it was just more recently that I started getting into the non-fiction side of things,” She said.

Katerberg earned her degree at Cornerstone University, a small, private school in Grand Rapids, and she also studied at a university in Lithuania.

After graduating, she moved to Florida briefly, as her parents and her sisters had moved there, and she wanted to be near them. Things did not work out well, however.

“Upon arriving, I found out that I actually hated it in Florida, unlike most people,” Katerberg said. “There wasn’t the same community. I wasn’t able to adjust to the heat and humidity. I think it’s best if I just visit instead.”

She said while in Florida, she missed the changing of the seasons, particularly fall, which is her favorite season.

Katerberg has yet to experience a Copper Country winter, and she is approaching it with a combination of fear and excitement.

“I really like snow, actually, but I don’t like driving in it very much, so that’s going to be the issue,” she said. “It seems like there are a lot of winter sports around here that I could get involved in. That will help.”

Katerberg said she is looking forward to becoming part of the community.

“I’d like to settle into the area and explore,” she said. “Writing for the paper helps out with that, since I have reasons to get out and find information about what’s going on in the community.”