CCISD looks to local small business to enhance CTE

HANCOCK — In moving ahead with expanding Career and Technical Education (CTE) opportunities for the next school year, the Copper Country Intermediate School District is relying on local business owners and professionals to guide the process.

George Stockero, CCISD superintendent, said he recently hosted a planning meeting involving about 20 attendees, all local business leaders who volunteered their time and expertise.

“We had our first advisory committee for our new welding and construction class,” Stockero said. “And we had 17 local business owners volunteer to come to that meeting. To have that many people come to the room at the same time who are willing to give their ideas was awesome.”

Stockero said the committee toured the former Lindrus Building on Quincy Street, which is now the CCISD’s CTE building. Along with the committee members were two engineers.

“Those 17 people walked around the Lindrus Building and provided us with great feedback,” Stockero said, “along with the two engineers, on what they feel needs to be put inside that building to make it a successful welding and construction class. And we are listening to them. And we are having follow-up meetings.”

Stocker said in addition to the 17 people who attended the meeting, there are another five to 10 who want to become involved, and the ISD is seeking their involvement.

“We want to make sure that the equipment we put in, the way the building is structured will meet the needs of our students, and be able to better provide the skills to those students,” Stockero said, “so when they leave and go out to our local welding and manufacturing shops and construction companies, they’re going to be well-prepared.”