Baraga delays shrine donation

BARAGA — The Village Council moved closer to a decision on whether it will donate to the Baraga Shrine.

Village Manager LeAnn LeClaire, said the village could use WPPI funds for the donation.

Council members discussed whether it would be a one-time donation or ongoing.

LeClaire said it would be “once a year.”

Trustee Sandra Johnson proposed a donation of $500 or $1,000, but council members thought that was too high of an amount to use from the village’s energy funds. They unanimously agreed $500 was fair.

LeClaire was not able to speak with somebody from the shrine, as discussed at the last meeting. Her reasoning was that she was not sure who to contact, so the board offered some suggestions.

Because LeClaire did not talk to someone from the shrine, Village Council President Wendell Dompier thought the council needed more information about the shrine’s finances before making a donation.

“Why don’t you find out what kind of bills they run monthly?” said Dompier.

The motion to approve the donation was tabled for the next meeting.

The council also passed a resolution of support for the partnership for the non-motorized trail project with KBIC, as previously reported.

Lastly, the council voted to increase its contribution to Portage Health Foundation from $2,000 to $3,000. They have been contributing to the foundation for years.

“It is for more help to keep the operation going,” said LeClaire.

With the increase of this contribution, the council will be lowering the amount of a different contribution.