Conflicted: Council president sits on every village panel

CALUMET — Peggy Germain, village trustee, addressed the council regarding the village president sitting on more than one village committee, bringing up the question of a conflict of interest. The topic arose during discussing of the Planning Commission, on which President Dave Geisler sits.

“I see that you’re the vice chair in absence of the chair,” Germain said.

She pointed out if Geisler was placed in a position of having to chair a commission meeting, as village president, he would then not be permitted to vote on any committee matters, make any motions, or take any other action.

Germain pointed out that it is not recommended that people serve on more than one board, as it may create a conflict of interest.

“We need to look into that,” she said.

In addition to serving the village as president, Geisler also has seats on the Planning Commission, Downtown Development Authority, the Historic District Commission and Main Street Calumet Board.

Germain expressed her concern, saying if someone has a say on one board, they should not have a say on another.

“They shouldn’t have two says,” Germain said. “This is still America.”

Geisler did not respond to Germain’s comments or the issue.