Houghton appoints current, added seats on PLDL Board

Garrett Neese/Daily Mining Gazette The Houghton City Council Wednesday appointed two members to the board of the Portage District Library, seen above.

HOUGHTON — The Houghton City Council on Wednesday approved two new members of the Portage Lake District Library Board — one for a vacant seat, and one for the seat the city will get after a redistribution of seats on the board.

The board named Christopher Archer to the first seat.

Bob Kinnunen was named to a seat that will be opened up when Chassell Township leaves the library district.

City Manager Eric Waara said he had received a draft library agreement for the reconstituted district that would theoretically give Houghton another seat on the board.

Archer was appointed to a partial term ending March 31, as well as the four-year term starting April 1.

Councilwoman Rachel Lankton said she had been impressed by the letter from Archer, who lives in downtown Houghton.

“In the time I’ve resided in Houghton, I’ve come to appreciate the library as a center for community interaction, learning and imagining,” he wrote. “PLDL is where the public comes to access information, but most patrons leave feeling more connected to the community.”

Council members also praised Kinnunen, a resident of the Douglass House, for his community involvement.

“He loves downtown Houghton, and he spends a lot of time at the library,” said Mayor Pro Tem Robert Megowen. “He’s a nice gentleman.”