Shelter Home offers body shelter for winter weather

Photo provided by Rebecca Dove The Baraga County Shelter Home showcases a coat rack outside of its outreach office. The rack is there all day for anybody to take or give winter coats.

L’ANSE — The Baraga County Shelter Home offers vital shelter and clothing to those in need, particularly during the winter, and is mostly “known for collecting things for women and children in domestic issues,” said Rebecca Dove, the shelter’s advocate.

The shelter home maintains a coat rack during the winter where people are allowed to take coats or give them for donation.

Even though they do things for women and children, the coat rack is for everybody during this “giving time of the year,” said Dove.

“This rack is for any and everybody to utilize,” says Dove.

Her inspiration for doing the coat rack was from a Facebook post. She thought it was “a really cool idea.”

The rack was set up about two weeks ago and is expected to be available throughout the entire winter.

Dove is proud of the turnout and said people have been receptive.

“It’s been amazing,” she said. “There’s constant traffic of people putting coats on the rack.”

She says most of the coats are taken during the night, but there are more put back in the morning.

“The rack is always full. As soon as a couple (of) coats leave, more will come,” Dove said.

The shelter also has a bin for hats, gloves, boots and other types of winter wear.

The coat rack is located at 115 N. Front St. in L’Anse, inside of the American Legion building.