South Range discusses vacation time and snowmobile issues

SOUTH RANGE — It was business as usual at the village council meeting Thursday. 

The meeting included discussion of land offers, bills, reworking employee vacation time and a discussion of snowmobile issues that could re-appear at a later date. 

Notably, the monthly meeting times have been moved forward a half hour to 6:30 p.m. for the new year. 

An issue with village employee vacation time was resolved by rolling over unused time into 2018. The time had been unused because of busy winter schedules.

Later in the meeting, a discussion arose regarding snowmobile usage as snowmobilers had been using their vehicles inside the baseball diamond causing property damage and the police to be called. 

New signs and a designated parking area were suggested as a solution though many council members had not heard of the issues before the meeting. Attitudes towards snowmobilers coming into town were positive as many visit local businesses. 

No action was taken and the topic was left for a later date.