Students rewarded for doing good deeds

L’ANSE — Elementary students in the L’Anse Area Schools District are earning rewards for doing good deeds as part of the district’s behavioral program.

At last week’s School Board meeting, the board heard a presentation on Michigan’s Integrated Behavior and Learning Support Initiative (MIBLSI) and discussed awards that the elementary school received that will be used for the program.

MIBLSI is a state and federally funded project that helps intermediate and local school districts implement and sustain a multi-tier system of supports (MTSS) in their schools to improve student outcomes in behavior and learning.

The presentation was an update on the behavioral programs that the schools have recently begun using, said counselor Heather Grentz, who was also speaking on behalf of co-coordinator Kristin Marczak, a first-grade teacher who could not attend.

Grentz said the junior-senior high school started using the program in September of this school year, while the elementary school began in January of 2017.

Some of the programs that the schools use to promote these behaviors are Hornet Pride, Hornet Hero and Fun Days. They also give out quarterly progress reports.

Hornet Pride and Hornet Hero are the behavior initiatives for the high school and elementary schools. The programs reward students for good deeds they do.

With Hornet Pride, there are monthly drawings of about 34 names. Those students then receive tickets that they can use “from VIP parking to breakfast tickets,” said Grentz.

The two grants that the elementary school received from the Baraga County Community Foundation and Weyerhaeuser will be used to support the Hornet Hero programs.

Marczak said they received $1,100 from Weyerhaeuser and about $500 from the Baraga County Community Foundation.

“We’re using the grant money to support our Hornet Hero program,” said Marczak.

She said they will be buying Hornet cards, prizes and other incentives with the grant money.

“We’re really appreciative of the community supporting our cause,” she said.

Gentz said the students are enjoying the program and think it has a positive impact on the school.

“They really like that they’re getting acknowledged for what they’re expected to do,” said Gentz.