DNR Passport grant funding rink upgrades in Dodgeville

Kali Katerberg/Daily Mining Gazette The Dodgeville ice rink, a popular site for winter activities, will receive upgrades in the coming months funded by a Passport Grant from the Department of Natural Resources.

DODGEVILLE — Upgrades are coming to the ice rink warming house, thanks to a Passport Grant through Portage Township.

Come winter, skaters will have an addition on the warming house, including updates and adding restrooms, said Supervisor Bruce Petersen, who personally applied for the grant.

“That’s going to be quite a nice improvement for that area,” Petersen said.

The extension will improve usage even in summer, he said.

“It’s used a great deal in the winter months especially, but I think once we get this restroom in, then you can start thinking about maybe younger kids using the facilities in the back, the playground facilities,” he said.

Other possible uses include garage sales in summer and roller hockey.

“That big cement slab…would lend itself to a fair number of endeavors during the summer months.”

Even now the rink is well-used, with kids from the local elementary school visiting for skating programs and get-togethers among friends.

Bids on the project will be opened June 19, with a completion date projected for November of this year.