Grant lagoon project moving ahead

Graham Jaehnig/Daily Mining Gazette The secondary lagoon of the Grant Township Wastewater Treatment plant has received modifications, which include additional aeriators to hasten the treatment process.

COPPER HARBOR — Modifications to the secondary lagoon of the wastewater treatment plant in Grant Township are finished, with the exception of small items that need to be completed, according to Zane Hyrkas, an engineer with OHM of Hancock.

“The preliminary test results from the end of last week look very good,” he said, “and we’ve been in contact with the DEQ (Department of Environmental Quality) about discharge. The State Revolving Fund (application) has been submitted to the state, and they are very actively reviewing that. I just received an email from the DEQ, asking a couple of questions about it, so we’ll hear more about that.”

There are two options the township can pursue, according to Grant Township Supervisor Ken Stigers: either patch the primary lagoon’s liner, or replace it entirely.

If the liner is replaced, the liner of the secondary lagoon also needs to be replaced, since both are near the end of their expected lifespans.

That project would cost approximately $1.5 million. The other option is repair the hole in the liner, which would be less costly, but in that event, the lagoon could only be used as a backup, and then only in emergencies.