Lake Linden toxic sediment cleanup job to start in Sept.

LAKE LINDEN – The first phase of Environmental Protection Agency work to clean up hazardous sediment in the bay near Lake Linden’s park and campground should start in late September.

The EPA informed the village in May of test results showing elevated metal levels in sediment at the bay between the beach and upper area of the park.

The work is near where the EPA excavated material on the near side of the bay in 2007. That action occurred after low lake levels exposed previously submerged stamp sands and other waste material.

Clerk Bob Poirier said the project would be about six to eight weeks.

“This is deep sediment on the near shore complicated by the fact there’s 18 inches of new sediment after the flood,” he said. “What they can reach from the shoreline with an excavator is what they’re doing this year.”

In May, Poirier said the project would be centered in two areas: a storm sewer outlet that comes out between the beach and park, and the remainder of the bay between the beach and marina.

The material in deep water will be addressed in a separate phase, Poirier said. No timeline has been set for that.

“We’ve been in meetings and they’ve discussed different options — dredging, vacuuming,” he said.