Definitive votes in Calumet settle up controversies

Graham Jaehnig/Daily Mining Gazette The Calumet village government survived a disincorporation attempt and will have some new faces on the council after Tuesday’s election. Village Council President Dave Geisler, left, survived a recall vote.

CALUMET — Residents voted Tuesday to retain the current Village Council president in a recall attempt by a vote of 141-92, so Dave Geisler’s term will end in 2020.

The petition was filed at the Houghton County Courthouse in May and stated that Geisler provided false financial records to the Finance Committee on Feb. 3, 10 and 24, 2017, and at a special meeting of the council on Feb. 28, 2017, causing the council to adopt a deficit elimination plan on Aug. 15, 2017.

“I just want to thank people who voted for me,” Geisler said Wednesday morning in a telephone interview. “I certainly appreciate the expression of confidence they have in me, and I’d like to think that it’s an indication that the people believe that the village overall is moving in the right direction, that it’s being governed responsibly, and that it is open and available to everybody to participate.”

There will be a number of new faces on the council in January due to the results of Tuesday’s election. Geisler said he hopes all the council members will work together for the interest of the village.

“And I hope that the new council, everyone acts responsibly, and I hope people will want to work together.”

Geisler said residents of any municipality should be aware of the pressures imposed on citizens who choose to serve their community by serving in local government.

“It’s one thing when you don’t hold a position and don’t have to make decisions,” he said, “but it’s entirely different when the management of this village is your responsibility, and again, there has to be a recognition that you can disagree, but that doesn’t make you evil.”

Speaking of the current council, Geisler said that while it had good discussions, and even some arguments, ultimately they respected each other, and that is important in moving forward as one body.