MSP grant gives CCISD secure entry

Joshua Vissers/ Daily Mining Gazette The remote and keyless entry system currently installed at the CCISD’s main office door. Administrators can issue key cards for employees and other authorized people, and those without key cards can be let in remotely after being viewed through a camera in the unit.

HANCOCK — Security at the Copper Country Intermediate School District (CCISD) buildings is getting a boost in the form of a Michigan State Police (MSP) School Safety grant.

Superintendent George Stockero shared the details with the CCISD board at Tuesday’s regular meeting.

“We are protecting our kids,” Stockero said.

More than 400 Michigan schools applied for the grant. The CCISD was one of 188 that received awards. The maximum amount awarded was $250,000 and the CCISD was granted $204,000, one of the larger awards.

Stockero said one reason why the district received a larger grant might have been because it paid for previous security upgrades itself, proving to the MSP that the CCISD is interested and committed to school safety.

This grant will fund three major upgrades, according to Stockero.

•The first is a new public address system for the newly renovated Career and Technical Education Center (CTE). The system will include flashing lights to alert students in noisy workshops of an announcement.

“Every one of my teachers has the ability to make an announcement,” Stockero said.

The system will be hooked into teacher’s desk phones, so they can alert the entire building of a problem just by punching in a code.

•The second purchase will be keyless entry on all CTE, Learning Center and main office exterior doors, as well as many interior doors.

“Anywhere that makes sense,” Stockero said.

•The grant will also pay for a new computer and software to control all of the new security upgrades.

The board approved the first expenditure charged to the grant immediately following Stockero’s presentation — S2 Access Control System software will be purchased from Newkirk Electric of Flint for $31,550.

The board also approved the purchase of a new school bus on the recommendation of the CCISD’s head of transportation.

The bus being replaced is still operational, but it has become expensive to maintain. Replacing it now allows the district to use the old bus while waiting for the new bus to be outfitted with the wheelchair lift and other equipment.

“We’re not going to get this bus for like six months,” Stockero said.

The bus will cost $88,245, but the old bus is being traded in for $15,000.

“They gave us more for the trade-in than we were expecting,” Stockero said.