Parental involvement in conferences signal approval of programs

HANCOCK — Middle and High School Principal Ezekiel Ohan presented his monthly report at Monday’s School Board meeting, in which he said the recent middle and high schools’ parent-teacher conferences were successful.

“We had easy access as something that was brought up by a household,” said Ohan. “Issues of just being able to see who you want to go to, who to go to next, how to line up, everything in plain view. Everything was centrally located, which was complimented by several households.”

Ohan offered praise for the community, which overall showed a significant increase in parent participation with the conferences. About one of every two households was in attendance, he said: 60 percent at the middle school, and nearly 33 percent at the high school, an average of just under 50 percent.

“It’s an outstanding increase. It’s a significant increase as far as participation of our community,” said Ohan, “and the message that our community is reflecting to us is that education really matters, and so every chance I’ve had an opportunity to meet someone, while I’m in Houghton or in Hancock, it’s just to say thank you. It was a fantastic showing.”

Ohan said the teachers did well, the Extended Learning Opportunities (ELO) Center did very well, as did comments on extracurricular activities. He also praised the middle school for its historical display, which was presented in the gym during the conferences.

He reported on the student body council presidential debates, in which the senior candidate who won the primary had mentioned what she would do as the president.

She had said she would move forward to ensure that the ELO Center retained its presence.

Ohan said she had mentioned that every time she had gone there, the center was closed, so she will move forward to see if the center’s hours availability could be extended to what they were during the last school year.