CLK moves on district’s security, repair plan

Daily Mining Gazette file photo The CLK School Board is implementing security upgrades and improvements to the district’s facilities. Security upgrades were first discussed last May as a priority if district voters approved millage for upgrades to district facilities.

CALUMET TOWNSHIP — With the new year, the Calumet-Laurium-Keweenaw (CLK) Schools District is moving forward on its plans for improvements and repairs to the buildings and facilities, which will begin in the spring, said Superintendent Chris Davidson.

Voters approved 1.98 mils last August to fund the work, and the revenue will become available during the first week of May.

At the time the millage was proposed in May 2018, Davidson said the first priority would be upgrades to school security, and that priority has not changed.

“Plans are in place,” he said. “We’ve had local law enforcement review those plans, so we’re very confident. We’ve also met with a representative of the same team that trains our law enforcement in school security, so then they can come and train our school personnel.”

Davidson said the team conducted a thorough safety audit throughout the facilities, which allowed them to provide additional advice and suggestions on safety implementation. Col. David Grossman also gave a presentation to local law enforcement and school personnel.

“A lot of the things he was focusing on from a school safety standpoint seemed to really reinforce what are plans are,” Davidson said.

First and foremost is security, he said, which has been problematic in planning, because of the educational and public use of the high school.

When Davidson first discussed the need of upgrading and improving school security last May, he said the board had already met with all local law enforcement agencies, seeking their recommendations, and also looked at other schools and their security systems.

“We’ve taken everything into consideration,” Davidson said last May, “everything that they’ve told us, everything that we’ve researched and looked at, like other schools and currently what they’re doing right now for security. We’re planning on incorporating those into our security for this specific building.”

While the layout of the school building provides some unique challenges, Davidson said all involved think the security upgrades “are a pretty good plan.”