Board chief: Members must be restrained in reactions

Graham Jaehnig/Daily Mining Gazette Hancock School Board President Kevin Kalinec spoke to those present at the February meeting, saying, in essence, that board members are aware of the issues going on in the schools, in most instances, before they come before the board.

HANCOCK — School Board President Kevin Kalinec made the position of the board plain at Monday’s regular monthly meeting, when he spoke to everyone present.

“One thing that I want to make all of you here aware of is that we are aware of the challenges and the issues across the district,” he said. “We cannot legally respond individually, essentially. We have to be very measured, and obviously professional, and when we do respond, even individually, we have to realize that all of our work is here.”

He went on to say that he would like people to understand that legally, that people can have conversations with one or two board members at one time, but not the board as a whole. He said the members are aware of, and understand the sentiment of the community, but there are legal limitations under which the board operates.

“We’re not ignoring (comments from the public). We just can’t always respond, and we have to be very methodic, and use process. Just please understand: We usually understand the issues, even before they come before us.”

Kalinec’s statement of members understanding the issues before they reach them was in response to rumors circulating within the school that board members do not visit the school.

Superintendent Kipp Beaudoin, in reference to the rumor, responded he quite frequently meets with various board members at the school, and there are frequent telephone calls and correspondences between him and board members.