Principal Petition… …but no signatures so far to remove Ohan at Hancock

Graham Jaehnig/Daily Mining Gazette Hancock Principal Ezkiel Ohan has been targeted in a petition on the website, which is calling for his contract not to be renewed. The petition is named only as “Concerned Parent.”

HANCOCK — A petition has been posted online calling for the Hancock Public School District residents to instruct the School Board not to renew the contract of middle and high school principal Ezekiel Ohan.

“Parents of Students at Hancock Middle and High School and residents of Hancock,” the petition wording states, “please consider signing the petition to not renew the contract of Ezekiel Ohan. He does not do half of what the media is stating he does. He has taken credit for things his staff has put together. He has lied to parents, staff and outside organizations to get what he wanted.”

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The individual or group who started the petition is listed on the site only as “Concerned Parent.” The petitioner also did not state what programs or policies for which Ohan has taken credit, nor does it specify the alleged lies he has told to parents or outside organizations.

The goal named by petitioner as the number of signatures desired is listed as 200. As of the time of the filing of this story on Friday afternoon, there were no signatures collected.

Ohan said he was not aware of the petition until a concerned student brought it to his attention during school Friday morning.

“That the petitioner did not include a name states a very fierce fact,” Ohan said. “Everything that Hancock Public Schools, as an organization, has been privileged to be presented by media such as the Daily Mining Gazette, 93.5 the Mix, TV6, has been complete and absolute truth, and Hancock Public Schools wish to thank the community, and the surrounding community for not responding to the petition.”