State troopers on extra patrols during frigid weather

CALUMET TOWNSHIP — Michigan State Police posts throughout the Upper Peninsula have been conducting dedicated patrols during the frigid weather, Sgt. Matt Djerf of the Calumet Post. The dedicated patrols are a directive to all posts in the U.P. from the regional command post in Negaunee,and began on Jan. 27. They will continue as long at the frigid temperatures remain over the U.P.

“With that being said,” said Djerf, “we all know our post areas pretty well, and we know some of the outlying areas that are traveled a lot that have potential for people going in the snow bank or whatever, so we hit those areas, as well.”

The patrols are not so much the result of snow or poor visibility, he said, but primarily due to extreme, low temperatures that can put stranded motorists in danger, because of the temperatures and wind chill.

Djerf said that some minor incidents have been encountered.

“We didn’t find anybody who’d been sitting out there for two hours, or anything like that,” he said,“but we did conduct assists, we helped motorists with slideoffs and things like that, but nothing major.”

Djerf said the MSP Emergency Management Division in Lansing sent out a release on Jan. 17 in reference to the frigid temperatures that were expected to impact the entire state.

The release contained safety tips, information on websites for weather and road conditions throughout the state and sites travelers could find informative.

The release states that motorists are encouraged to check travel conditions and weather reports before driving at Major road closures can be found at Residents who need assistance or guidance during the extreme cold are encouraged to call 211.

For more information on how to prepare before, during, and after an emergency or disaster, the release advises people to visit or follow MSP/EMHDS (Michigan State Police/ Emergency Management and Homeland Security Division) at @MichEMHS.