Calumet officials concerned about open street hole

Photo by village of Calumet A large hole on Elm Street that was temporarily filled with snow to protect the public has begun to open up, and is being addressed by village authorities.

CALUMET — A large hole in the sidewalk of the Monkey Business building on Elm Street between Fourth and Fifth streets has begun to open up, as snow that was covering it has begun to melt.

In an email sent to the Daily Mining Gazette late Monday, Trustee Virginia Dwyer stated the situation is a danger to the public and needs to be addressed immediately.

“I called both Mark Klein (street superintendent) and 911 Saturday afternoon to alert street or police as to a hole in the street on Elm St.,” Dwyer stated. “The snow is melted, exposing the hole. No one knows how deep or wide. No barriers were present at this time. This is a public safety issue that needs to be addressed ASAP. We can’t wait until ‘the weather is better.’ The owner needs to be notified today. We cannot have the mindset that the property owners will address it. It’s a very dangerous situation.”

Klein made the hole known during his Street Department report at the Feb. 19 council meeting, estimating the hole to be approximately 8o feet long and 10 feet deep. He said during the meeting that the hole appears to be an old basement that runs the length of the building and extended under the street. The section that caved in is a vaulted sidewalk, something common to the old Red Jacket village, Council President Dave Geisler said.

In response to Dwyer’s email, Joe Snow sent an email to the trustees, in which he said he has addressed the problem.

“I spoke to both…the owner of Monkey Business and Chris Holmes from (U.P. Engineering and Architects) last week,” he stated in the email. “(The owner) has a request in with Buzz Johnson from REJ Contracting to assess the situation, and Chris Holmes said UPEA would get to it when it was accessible. I shared the two attached pictures with Chris Holmes and (the building owner) is out of the office, and (he) is supposed to return my call Tuesday afternoon.”

In the meantime, it is requested the public please be aware of the hole and stay away from it.