School Board chief quits: Negativity dominates discourse in district, according to Kalinec

Daily Mining Gazette file photo Hancock School Board President Kevin Kalinec resigned his position Tuesday, he said, having reached a point where he can no longer deal with the pettiness, distrust, politics and other issues that have have plagued the school district for going on two years.

HANCOCK — Kevin Kalinec stepped down from his position as president of the School Board, making his decision known to board members and administration on Tuesday.

In a document obtained by the Daily Mining Gazette through the Freedom of Information Act, Kalinec stated among the reasons for his action was the inability of the board and staff to move forward in any positive manner.

His decision, he wrote, was the result of a conversation he had had with a parent who has children in the district — one in middle school, and one in high school.

“Unfortunately (or possibly fortunately in some eyes),” he stated in the document, “it made me realize that I’ve had enough of the pettiness, distrust and unwillingness or inability to have conversation toward a common ground, thus my decision to step down.”

Kalinec went on to state the conversation illustrated in his mind how unsually positive the parent’s approach was, and how antagonistic and distrustful many others have become in the district.

“They were reasonable and very knowledgeable,” stated Kalinec, “as they had had several long conversations with (superintendent) Kipp (Beaudoin), (principal) Zeke (Ohan) and many teachers on both sides of the issue, and had a very good grasp of the complexities of our situation.

“Further, they were not looking to be punitive, nor were they distrustful of anyone, and went as far to say they felt better about the situation after our conversation. In short, they were looking for a way to work toward a solution and asked how they could do so.”

Kalinec’s letter did not mention what the issue was.

In the document, Kalinec said while he had been contemplating the move, and initially decided against resigning, the hour-long conversation with the parent changed his perspective.

“I appreciate the opportunity I’ve had to serve with all of you,” the document closes, “and am confident that, along with the outstanding teachers and staff we have, you will continue to make Hancock a great place to get an education.”