Village Hall leak contained with bucket-and-pump fix

Graham Jaehnig/Daily Mining Gazette A number of leaks in the roof over the Calumet Village Hall offices has not yet casued damage to the building’s interior and is being contained until appropriate committees can meet and decide how soon a contractor can inspect the roof.

CALUMET — A leak in the roof of the Calumet Village Hall was recently discovered, and grew to the point that its required immediate attention and a temporary fix, a topic briefly discussed at the March 19 regular Village Council meeting.

It is not known how long the roof has been leaking, but Trustee Nathan Anderson said he inspected the leak the day after the council meeting and said at the time the leak was signficiant, causing a steady dripping of water.

“It’s an active leak,” Anderson said, “and it’s been 35 years since the roof has been put up there.”

Administrator Joe Snow also inspected the leak but said because he is not a contractor, so he could not speak to the severity of the damage or the extent of the leak.

“It’s being taken care of, so there is no damage to the rest of the building at this time,” Snow said. “We’ll be looking at contracts and that, but it’s just maintenance of the building.”

Snow said the village will have to wait until the snow is cleared off the roof so someone can be hired to inspect it, but he said because he is not a contractor, he felt unqualified to offer an opinion on the condition of the roof.

Anderson said when he inspected the attic, there was a constant drip, and there was more than one.

Anderson said he, like Snow, would prefer not to make a comment on the roof until after an upcoming Public Safety Committee meeting, when more will be known.

He said a meeting of the Public Safety Committee was scheduled for last Thursday but had to be postponed. It is planned for later this week.

To temporarily relieve damage to the ceiling, a system has been devised by which the water is allowed to drip into a bucket, that is equipped with a sump pump. Once the bucket fills up, the water is pumped through a hose to a drain in the ballroom sink.

Snow said there is no damage other than the leaks in the roof at this time.

“Over the years there has been some seepage,” he said, “but there is no additional damage to the ceiling,” said Snow.