Calumet looks in Elm St. hole

Graham Jaehnig/Daily Mining Gazette A large hole that opened on an Elm Street section of sidewalk, adjoining the Monkey Business building, has been temporarily covered with an iron plate to reduce the risk of anyone climbing or falling into into what looks to be a basement beneath a vaulted sidewalk. While the hole has been covered, the sidewalk is sinking inward toward the hole.

CALUMET — A hole that opened up in an Elm Street sidewalk sometime last winter between Fourth and Fifth streets has received a temporary cover of iron plate that has been screwed to the concrete sidewalk, said Village Council President Dave Geisler.

While the plate temporarily lowers the risk of anyone climbing into or falling into the hole, the village is asking people continue to avoid the section of sidewalk.

Street supervisor Marc Klein first reported the hole at the regular February meeting when he estimated the opening beneath the sidewalk to be approximately 80 feet long and 10 feet wide. During the meeting, he said the hole appears to be an old basement that runs the length of the building and extends under the street.

The section that caved in is a vaulted sidewalk, something common to the old village of Red Jacket, Geisler said.

“Once the snow melts, the owner and the village will meet to discuss the issue, he said.

According to village ordinance, residential and business owners are responsible for the sidewalks adjoining their properties.

Administrator Joe Snow said he has spoken with the owner about repairs to the damaged area which, until recently was filled in with snow to reduce the risk of someone falling into it.

Klein said at the February meeting his main concern was that the damaged section of sidewalk is a school bus stop.