Joint and Muscle Pain Awareness

Health Watch

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or just looking to stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle, joint and muscle pain can limit your abilities. Often, it is hard to know what is considered normal aches and pains for your age, or if something is happening that deserves professional attention. Although pain cannot always be relieved, pain reduction is a reasonable expectation while seeking advice to remain active and healthy.

When it comes to pain with sporting activities, they can usually be categorized into three different groups. Specifically, poor warm up and cool downs, overuse injuries, and traumatic injuries.

1. Poor warm up and cool downs can be addressed with a stretching program. Examples can be found at Type in the search Box “Warm up, cool down and be flexible”.

2. Overuse injuries can usually be addressed by an orthopaedic surgeon or a family physician experienced in musculoskeletal conditions.

3. When it comes to traumatic injuries, an orthopaedic surgeon evaluation is the most useful. Seeing an orthopaedic surgeon does not always mean you are going to have surgery and should not keep you away from seeking their advice.

As people age, joint pain can be a limiting factor in gaining the exercise that is required to stay healthy. People are often afraid to seek advice from an orthopaedic surgeon because they are trying to avoid having surgery. There are many options besides surgery when it comes to joint pain.

One example is physical therapy. It has been shown to be an effective way to improve joint pain short of the definitive treatment of surgery. Not only can it improve your quality of life now, but it is helpful in aiding your recovery process if you do decide to proceed with a surgery in the future.

If pain is not responding to your current attempts at treatment, you should feel comfortable in seeking help managing your symptoms. That way you can stay active, regardless of your activity level or age.