Quit the Sit: Short activity doses are beneficial

Photo provided by Aspirus Keweenaw Hospital This Aspiring Women event called An Affair of the Heart that took place Feb. 4. More than 130 women attended to hear Aspirus Keweenaw Cardiologist Dr. Peter Vaitkevicius talk about cholesterol and heart health. On Monday, the Aspiring Women event is called Quit the Sit, which is about getting up and moving during the day as a way to improve health.

LAURIUM — The weather is finally getting nice, and according to Jenn Jenich-Laplander, it’s a good time for women to get active, which is one of the suggestions to be presented at the Aspirus Keweenaw Hospital Quit the Sit presentation.

Jenich Laplander, AKH Aspiring Women coordinator, said this is the first time Quit the Sit will be presented as part of the Aspiring Women program. It takes place from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Monday at the Michigan Technological University Memorial Union Building ballroom. Registration is required at 337-6541. There is no charge for the program, which is meant just for women.

“All Aspiring Women events are free,” she said.

The program will be presented by Asiprus Physical Therapist Jeff Baril and Certified Physical Therapists Crystal Holzberger and Stacy Bussiere.

Jenich-Laplander said lack of activity for women is being called the new smoking as far as the negative health effects the lack of physical activity can have.

“Sitting is just as bad as smoking,” she said. “You should get up and get active.”

Although the activities to be presented at the event will be good for the heart, Jenich-Laplander said they’re intended for overall general health.

Some of the activities to presented at the program include taking walks outside, using the stairs instead of an elevator, standing to do chores and getting some sort of activity at work.

“If you work at a desk, get up every 30 minutes,” she said.

The main message from the Quit the Sit presentation is the importance of building some sort of physical activity into a daily routine, Jenich-Laplander said. Even those who exercise regularly, if they spend significant time sitting during the day should take some time to get up and move around.

Quit the Sit will be Aspirus Keweenaw’s fifth Aspiring Women event for the community.

Although the Quit the Sit program can be fun, Jenich-Laplander said it presents serious information about health.

“It’s about taking care of yourself,” she said.