30 years out of high school? How’d that happen?

Family Matters

I really wanted to break out the yearbooks and dig out the class colors, class song, and everything else 1987 for this column; but I decided to see if the memory of a 47- soon to be 48-year-old man would be good enough. Thirty years; how in the heck has thirty years come and gone so fast? I’ve told this story a million times that if someone would have told me when I was a 17 year old kid , “congrats, you just graduated, now you get to work for the next 50 years”, I think I would have gathered up my backpack and headed for the hills. Over the years I’ve had the conversations with my classmates over goals, how I have met some of mine set as a pimply faced kid of being a writer, (11 years for Family Matters I guess counts, and some other random publications), being a teacher, (going on 9 years as a university professor), and having a cabin on a lake; well okay, no cabin but we did live in a cool, (actually very cold), old school for five years.

Part of growing up or growing old, (Mr. Brogan always said that growing old is required but growing up is optional), is that along with time comes wisdom earned through mistakes and corrections or observations and education; my wisdom falls under the mistakes and some corrections category. My oldest child on Father’s Day said, “Thanks for not being a sucky Dad.” She’s 20 so that meant a lot to me. I haven’t had much success in owning businesses, won’t ever be Dr. Foreman, and been married more than the average man, but at least I don’t suck as a dad. I do have regrets from my high school years. I should have tried harder, Mrs. Codere I should have taken more math; math is the answer to the questions life throws at us, (I do read up on physics though does that count)? I should have tried to play sports past the 8th grade, small as I am the routine would have helped me carry fitness into my adult life; Mr. Mishica did teach us ballroom dancing, how to hit and roll, and respect for others but still I wish I would have done more, even if it was just on the bench cheering the Lakes on. I regret not reaching my potential, I stayed out late and sometimes got in trouble; okay maybe more than sometimes.

To the class of 1987 from Lake Linden Hubbell High these are my true regrets as an adult now 30 years later. To the good friends in school that stood by me and protected me from the bullies; I’m sorry our friendships vanished after our 20’s. To some I’ve not seen or heard from in 30 years and would like to, not to talk about the past, but what you’ve been up to, Facebook me. Lastly I want to send out positive thoughts for those who need it, a prayer if you want or just a virtual hug. To Ted, you protected me many times, get better please. We didn’t have a 30th reunion but for our 50th we all want you to be there; just know you’re in our thoughts. To the rest of our class, we lost one, James, my hero, and as time passes we’ll lose more but as our class song said, “Never say Goodbye”, for me it’s a see you later.