Students to give Horizons School new look with paint

Graham Jaehnig/Daily Mining Gazette Joel Asiala, principal at Horizons Alternative High School, looks over his notes at Tuesday’s regular monthly CLK School Board meeting.

MOHAWK — Alan Sunn, manager of Sherwin Williams Paints in Houghton, has donated 10 gallons of primer and paints, paintbrushes, hats, can keys, and stir sticks to the Horizons Alternative High School to be used to cover and replace existing murals at the school.

“We’re looking at getting some of the new students to get some of their artwork on the walls,” said Joel Asiala, principal. “I think a big part of Horizons…is to get some of the student artwork up on the walls.

“It’s a lot of pride. If you’ve been up to the school, you can see all the cards and all kinds of stuff, so we’re painting over some of the old stuff and putting the new stuff up there. The kids are pretty excited to do that. They love to paint to walls of the school for whatever reason.”

The high school opened its doors in September 2005 for students who were either struggling academically or were at risk of dropping out of school.

It is a Type I school and is committed to helping any student to learn to the best of his or her ability.

According to the school’s website, the school’s goal is to provide high-quality education and preparation for the world beyond high school, delivered through alternative methods.

“To achieve this goal our curriculum, teaching style and assessment is individualized, flexible, customized and personalized to accommodate the variety of strengths and learning styles that our students bring to school with them,” the website said.