See ya, Facebook!

Be Blissful

I’ve had my Facebook, which my students swear, is the platform for moms and Millennials (of which I am both), account for a decade. It goes so far back, it chronicles my college graduation, baby shower, the birth of my son, and other monumental events in my life.

Initially, Facebook allowed me to easily connect with friends so they could see updates about my family. What a wonderful idea this Facebook thing is. Reconnecting with friends from high school. Current friends that may have moved away are able to stay close. This is just fantastic!

But then it started to make this dramatic shift. Not having the consequences of seeing the person (or persons) you are talking to, user anonymity emerged with a vengeance and people were airing their dirty laundry left and right. I watched more and more nonsense being posted on Facebook, and I found myself whittling down my friends list.

Next thing I knew, I had cut 300 people. I thought I was down to the ones that I truly wanted to be connected with.

Fast forward to now.

I have become a Facebook tyrant. I am just too old to put up with that anymore. I bid people adieu and don’t give it a second thought.

Life is too short for being annoyed with an app meant to bring joy and happiness, and Facebook is not bringing me joy.

And like it says in, “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” by Marie Kondo, if it doesn’t bring you joy, get rid of it.

People post their “for sale” items, or businesses share posts, or even friends share posts, and I am quick to correct errors.

“Do to the weather…,” just about did me in the other day. No, It’s due! Or how people use the wrong there (place)/they’re (they are)/their (possession). I had an old acquaintance from high school that posted how “board” she was … I had to unfriend her. I could not let the error go. Just atrocious.

But my biggest pet peeve is how people blindly share posts about things without checking their legitimacy.

“Share now to stop Facebook from implementing fees!” False!

“Kentucky Fried Chicken uses mutant chickens!” False.

“Amazon snake has eaten 257 people!” Oh my goodness, no.

Do people ever use Google? If I saw an article that read, “Massive Amazon Snake catches missile in mouth and eats 257 people,” you better believe my first action is to Google that darn article and read all about it.

Oh, and 9.5 times out of ten, I am going to find the first result from telling me if that internet claim was true or false. Snopes is my jam. If you are unfamiliar with it, Snopes is a website founded in 1994 to identify the truthfulness of urban legends. As internet usage quickly grew, their mission became that of well-researched fact-checking of news.

Yes, having different beliefs are fine and great. I respect that. But you cannot try to tell me Pope Francis no longer endorses the Bible and will be releasing his own, new “holy book” without me checking that out, because no. Don’t just share that silliness.

I am Facebook-burnt out. I am tired of being judged based on my posts. I am tired of people saying I am wrong if I share a post supporting teachers/writing/livable wages/being kind or positive, whatever.

You no longer bring me joy, Facebook. It’s time to pull that digital plug and I am not looking back.