Food truck a new venture for both me and my family

Be Blissful

I came home from school yesterday, and walked through the door to a very warm greeting. The pug was very happy to see me; along with all of my family members.

Quickly, I started my typical after-school routine. Everyone was talking and sharing things about their day. There were hugs and kisses in the kitchen. There was a significant amount of giggling. I took a pause and thought, “This is my bliss. I love this. I am happy.”

I am very appreciative for moments like these, but also for such a wonderful partner in life, and such a fantastic (blended) family. We work together so well. And if you have read my writing before, you will understand we especially compliment one another when it comes to the kitchen…

I cannot cook to save my life. If you ask my son, even my abilities to put together a bowl of cereal is sometimes a challenge. Honestly there are times when I make a bowl of cereal, and in my imagination it just starts on fire because that is on par with my skills.

However, we can utilize my skill set: I am a thorough reader. I can write articulately, and being a veteran teacher, I am more than familiar with filling out paperwork, especially paperwork for the state of Michigan.

And thankfully for all the future patrons, I have nothing to do with the cooking. Though I am happily on the taste-testing committee and let me tell you, I do a really stellar job.

Let me explain how the food truck business came to be.

My significant other and I put in a bid at an auction for an old school bus – with the intention of converting it into a food truck. He is a highly talented chef that would prefer being his own boss, versus working under someone else for the rest of his life. (Understandable, right?) We thought this was a means to that end.

It was not. We did not win the auction.

We were, however, able to procure another bus through my school connections.

Tasks were quickly assigned: he was in charge of the health department paperwork (although in efforts to be helpful for this part of the endeavor, I read all the various manuals).. He also, obviously, designed the menu and the layout of the bus.

I was in charge of setting up all of the legal aspects of the business. I have never spent so much time on the phone with the IRS, nor have I spent have so much time on the phone with the Michigan Department of Treasury. If anyone tells you, “It’s so easy to start your own business!” No, they are dirty liars. It is so involved! I feel like I had to fill out hundreds of pages of paperwork, give blood, and promise my first born child. (I am quite clearly exaggerating.)

Before we can start any official construction on the bus (beyond the cleaning, sanding, and beginning to search for appropriate kitchen equipment online and from auctions), we submit all of our paperwork to the health department. Everything in the endeavor is a process, and I am learning vast patience with the whole thing. I am learning new things about business, myself, and my partnership. But, I get to venture into the unknown with my best friend, and I simply couldn’t ask for anything more. Look for the Munchee Machine in 2019. Cheers!