Storm causes road damage

HOUGHTON – Wednesday night’s thunderstorms had crews out Thursday repairing erosion and spillage on local roads.

On Houghton County roads, there was widespread damage, particularly in the Houghton area, where gravel shoulders suffered erosion, said county Road Engineer Kevin Harju.

The worst damage came on Old Mill Hill Road, which suffered a washout that took out a chunk of roadway. Harju said the road will be closed until sometime next week.

“We lost an entire lane of road,” he said. “As a result of the failure, it damaged a section of Houghton Canal Road, but that’s open to travel.”

In Houghton, a retention pond near a planned Moyle subdivision overflowed overnight, leading to dirt spilling onto six driveways and across a portion of Sharon Avenue near ShopKo. said Andy Moyle, president of Moyle Real Estate & Development said he had checked the retention ponds around 9:30 p.m. Wednesday, and all had held up as designed until that point.

Moyle recently got final approval of the design for the subdivision from the city, including a stormwater system, Moyle said. Pipes for the system are currently being ordered, he said.

Once the system is installed, then crews can regrade the hill and put topsoil down, which should reduce erosion, Moyle said.

Moyle said a crew of 15 people were cleaning up Thursday, and planned to have it done within the day.

“It’s a lot of raking and shoveling, but we’ll get it,” Moyle said.

Road commissions in Baraga and Keweenaw counties reported little to no road damage from overnight.