Officials still investigating damage to lookout

COPPER HARBOR – There have been no arrests for the damage done last week at the lookout on Brockway Mountain, but the investigation is continuing, according to the Keweenaw County Sheriff’s Office.

Sgt. Bill Luokkanen of the KCSO said the office received a call on Feb. 6 from a Copper Harbor business owner, who said someone came into the business and told about the damage.

When a deputy arrived at the lookout, he discovered that someone had set a fire over a drainage grate, causing damage. The grate was covered with a rubberized material, which was damaged.

“They used wood from the surrounding trees,” Luokkanen said of the fuel for the fire. “The heat of the fire caused the (rubber material) to melt.”

Luokkanen said the initial investigation cleared some possible suspects, and it is not yet known who caused the damage.

The Keweenaw County Road Commission is responsible for the maintenance of the outlook, Luokkanen said, and it will determine the dollar value of the damage.

The damage presents no problems now, but Luokkanen said the KCRC will have to determine if it will cause problems when the snow at the site begins to melt.

Luokkanen said the KCSO is asking anyone who may have information about the damage to contact them at 337-0528.

“We’re looking for any leads or tips somebody may have,” he said.